Sustainable Facilities Elements

Our approach is built on the old adage "You can't manage what you can't measure".

In addition to helping you assess and manage property according to the LEED® rating system categories, ZIA for Buildings refines those categories to correspond to your day-to-day property management practices.

Property Management Office

This functional element targets the global building policies and procedures as well as the corporate sustainable initiatives. ZIA gives the Facilities Manager a quick snapshot of the status of the team’s sustainable initiatives through a dashboard. It is also where the building policies and sustainable key performance indicators (KPIs) are managed and tracked. The property manager is the control center for the overall Sustainable Facilities Program.

Green Cleaning

This element of the Sustainable Facilities Management program provides the team with the ability to track the progress of the Green Cleaning program. The vendor can be assigned by the FM to enter monthly data, which can be used as criteria for payment.

High Performance Building Operations

This element encompasses over 25% of the sustainable opportunities for the building initiatives. The KPIs tracked in this element include:

  • energy intensity of the building (kBtu/sq.ft)
  • refrigerant environmental impact
  • ENERGY STAR performance rating
  • implementation of the Commissioning program

Indoor Air Quality

Good ventilation is critical to the health and well-being of the buildings occupants. Minimum outside air requirements are identified and tracked in this element as well as opportunities for implementing and managing IAQ best practices.

Water Management

This element tracks the KPIs for water as determined by the project team. Potential KPI in this element include:

  • gallon/occupant or gallon/ sq.ft.
  • irrigation performance
  • implementation of a fixture program


This element tracks the purchases at the property from office supplies, electronics, to food and beverage against the team’s goals for Environmental Preferred Purchasing. The assigned user is able to use the application to input purchases as they occur and is able to schedule tasks and reminders.

Waste Management

The team is able to track diversion rate from landfill. This is another opportunity for the vendor to use the application for data entry. Also in development, the waste audit tracker will provide the team with information needed to potentially increase their diversion factor.


Benchmarking and tracking the sustainable initiatives such as construction waste diverted, material selection and indoor air quality practices can inform team of potential barriers on future projects. This information can lead to a proactive program on future projects.

LEED Administration

Activating this element initiates LEED required actions. Key areas are highlighted for the team and critical data points are clearly identified. The ZIA will provide prioritized tasks for a timely completion.

Building Characteristics

The team enters basic building data that will be used to develop the relative numbers for comparison.